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PRICE LIST -01-06-2014


Pistol Targets for Sport Shooting

These are some of the metal pistol targets that we have designed and manufactured for use in practice or competition.

For prices and more information, please email shelldon@anythingmetal.com

Click on the images below to see a larger version

 Texas Star

Our 'Easy to assemble' version of the popular "Texas Star" comes with a mild steel frame and stand.

The 6" round targets are made from 1/4" QT 400 steel and are spring loaded for easy removal and reset, which make our model the most user friendly version on the market.

This model may be used static or in motion.

Revolving texas star

 Poppers and Stands


Our Poppers (Classic, Pepper or mini versions) come as a two piece set.

The Poppers are made from QT 400. The Stands are mild steel. Our design eliminates the need for welding or bolting on the hardened steel Poppers.

Advantages of this design are: Reliable Operation,  Lower cost, little or no maintenance due to dissimilar metals, less overall weight.

The Stands may be purchased separately to be used with your existing Poppers. Note: The far right mini pepper popper has a practice stand attachment with adjustable weights to suit caliber differences.



miscelaneous poppers

 IPSC Plate


Our IPSC Plates are cut from 1/4" QT 400 in one pc and radius bent,so there is no welding. And with no metal flange in the front, up range splatter is virtually eliminated.


IPSC Plate side view


The lightweight construction and stable/unstable design make these plates very reliable in competitions.


IPSC Plate side

5 or 6 plate Dueling Tree

The dueling trees Can be used in pairs or by themselves in competition. A single tree makes an excellent resetting target for practice. (this was 1 of 2 used in the 2007 National match) All target plates are made from 1/4" QT 400 and are easily removable.

duelling tree

6 Position Plate Rack

The plate racks are 78" long. All target plates are made from 3/8" mild steel and have a 1/4" QT 400 steel plate welded to the front. The targets can be reset with a rope or cable from the shooting position. All plates can be locked in the down position using the rod (left) and a padlock.

plate rack